A Brief Introduction of Liu Gong Junior High School

School name Liu Gong Junior High School
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  • Name: MAN, AN-CHI
  • Position: Principal
  • Phone Number:+886-2- 2726-1481 ext. 100
  • Email: lkjh100@lkjh.tp.edu.tw
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A Brief
Introduction of
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Liu Gong Junior High School is located in Hsin-Yi District in Taipei city in Taiwan. It’s among the famous temples, Fengtiang Temple and Songshan Cihui Temple, and Si Shou Shan (Four Animal Mountains). Our school was based on a natural pool, which was called Yong Chun Pi (永春埤). The pool was an important irrigation source at that time.

Mr. Guo Xi-liu(郭錫瑠先生), who was born in 1705, devoted himself to developing Taipei irrigation system. He completed the most important irrigation waterway in Taipei, Liu Gong Waterway(瑠公圳). Afterwards, the mud created by the coal mine in the mountains slid into the pool and made it shallow and shalow. It lost its irrigation function and was donated to Taipei City Government by Giu Gong Irrigation Association.(瑠公水利農田協會). In 1978, Taipei City Government filled the pool with earth and established a school there and it was named Liu Gong Junior High, in memory of Mr. Guo Xi-liu.

Liu Gong Junior High School has been established for 40 years. With those former seven principals and all the faculty’s hard working, our school has become an excellent school. Our school is an intermedium junior high school, consisted of 493 students and 79 teachers including the faculty. The age of the pupils is between 13-15. Our new principal, Ms. Emily Mann, assumed office on Aug 1, 2018. In addition to maintaining the former principals’ accomplishment, she makes efforts to open up new horizons: to cultivate good behavior and character, to implement international education, to execute diverse learning, to develop healthy and strong body, to nurture students with good taste of art, and to make good use of information and technology.

Compared to other junior high schools, we have a very special museum in our school. We collected 141 national flags from different countries in Universiade Taipei 2017. Plus other national flags we have had, we have 212 national flags in total. Thus, we established National Flag Museum after Universiade Taipei 2017. We also made a web page about the world national flags and apply the web page to the lessons: to introduce the history of Universiade, the events of Universide, and the symbols of those national flags, etc. Students can learn more about other countries through the website.

To encourage students to learn more, we create the versatile and multiple learning environment:

Emphasizing students’ reading ability – We hold various campaigns and activities to help students develop their reading habit and ability.

Developing multi-disciplinary courses – In addition to the National curriculum, we take the spirit of selective courses in senior high school by adapting the multi-disciplinary courses for students with academic, unique, and traditional cultural preservation values and specialties, such as quadcopter, calligraphy, training, unicycle, etc.

Establishing Gifted Education – We build the Leadership Gifted Class for students who are gifted with leadership skills. The class is aim to develop student leaders who have the spirit of challenges, problem solving ability, and positive impact on others.

Runnning versatile student clubs – We provide various kinds and more than 20 clubs for students to choose from. They refer to many aspects such as music, sports, arts, technology, social life, language and so on. Our Choir team and the Wind Instrument team constantly won the great honors from the national competitions.

Planning vocational education – We are planning the independent study group for vocational training in the coming academic year. Students who are interested in learning skills and want to be well-prepared for the future careers can join the group and and learn together.

Combining activities with educational connotation – We facilate students to build and integrate their self-development, self-advantages, self-dignity, cooperation sprits, and communication skills through various activities and courses as the core spirit of our school education.

Liu Kung Junior High School is a school where students love to learn and which is full of warmth!